Daimler Chrysler Financial Services - BOX


The BOX (Build, Organize, eXecute) application was a custom project management application developed for Daimler Chrysler Financial Services. In addition to the custom application developed on top of Lotus Notes, I delivered on-site training, and both digital and printed manuals. I began the project as an account manager and technical project manager, and ended up serving as a user experience designer as well - taking an existing application's design that wasn't working for the client and making it much easier to work with.

Year & Role

2006 - UX Design & Product/Account Management

  • Documentation cover.
  • CD ROM training menu.
  • BOX task management screen.
  • BOX invoicing screen.
  • BOX user preferences screen.
  • BOX project brief screen.
  • BOX my projects screen.

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