Microsoft Dev Days Videos


Collaborated with Microsoft to developer a series of 6 30-second Jib Jab-style cartoons for their Dev Days event in Seattle. Microsoft Studios partners wrote the scripts and provided sound design, and I provided all art and animation. The cartoons chronicled the white hats (heros) as they learned about hacking and security (thanks to the black hats) as they tried to protect their sheep farming business.

Year & Role

2006 - Designer & Animator

  • The sheriff gets some hi-tech Microsoft security tools.
  • The black hat approaches on a train, while our hero, the sheriff, uses Microsoft security tactics to free a damsel in distress.
  • The black hats attempt to break into the farm is thwarted.
  • The black hats continue their attempts to break into the farm while the sheriff brings the white hats new Microsoft tools to help defend their business.
  • Black hats character assets.
  • Various character assets.
  • An early character study.
  • Early character mock-ups

San Francisco, CA |