Second Life Viewer 2


When I first joined the Linden Lab team, I came on as the Program Manager for the redesign of Second Life's front-end software, the Viewer. Responsible for coordinating multiple engineering and design teams, my experise in Second Life and flair for UX helped me stand out and I began integrating UX work into my responsibilities. Prior to the launch of Viewer 2, I became a Product Manager and assumed responsibility for overall Viewer development work. While the project is viewed by many as a failure, I learned so much about development processes, user testing and visibility, and coordinating projects on a massive scale. The new Viewer lead the way for future improvements like integrated media, improved avatar editing, and a customizable viewer experience.


Program Management & UX Design & Product Management

  • Second Life Viewer software.
  • Second Life Viewer software.
  • Customizable buttons in the Second Life Viewer.
  • Wireframes for various Second Life Viewer modifications.
  • Second Life Viewer high level organization.
  • Second Life Viewer in action with Appearance panel detached.

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