Speakers On


Speakers On was a music licensing application designed to make it easier for people who license music to find great bands and artists who have music that is readily available for licensing. It is very common that an editor or designer will select a piece of music from their own libraries and then comp a project around it. Frequently, a client will then review the comp with that piece of music - say, a Justin Timberlake track - and wish to use that for the final product. A quick call to Timberlake's reps and you find out it costs $1 million to license the particular song, which is completely over the client's budget. Speakers On featured licensible music that could be searched by cost, so that editors can feel confident using music they will fit their client's budget.

Year & Role

2007-2008 - Designer & Developer

More screenshots on the way.

  • Screenshot of the Speakers On music licensing app.

San Francisco, CA | sarah@sooperduper.com